Thursday, August 4, 2016

Retinol Products from Paula's Choice. On sale 8/3-8/23!

I purchased the Paula's Choice Radiant Skin Collection from QVC. I was excited to snag this on auto-delivery to lock in a really great price! It can be purchased here.

The collection includes 3 of Paula's favorites:

*Resist 2% BHA Liquid - this collection contains 2 - 4 oz. bottles

BHA (salicylic acid) is a weightless leave on exfoliant that works on the surface of skin to help smooth fine lines and even skin's tone and texture and works deeper to unclog pores. Leave on exfoliants are gentle, unlike facial scrubs which can be too abrasive for delicate skin. I've used this product for over a year now before purchasing it as part of this collection. I never had major problems with acne, but this has helped prevent the random breakouts I would get on my forehead or chin.

*Resist Intensive Wrinkle Repair Retinol Serum

This is a silky serum that contains stabilized retinol to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This formula also contains Vitamin C to brighten and even skin's tone, while helping to fade dark spots.

I feel like I am doing something good for my skin and have been using this several times a week, if not every night. I haven't noticed extreme results minimizing fine lines, but I will continue to use and reassess. I love the texture and feel that it absorbs into skin well, without being greasy. Unlike Retin-A prescription, which I have tried in the past, I have had no irritation from this type of Retinol.

*Resist Barrier Repair Moisturizer with Retinol

This is a lightweight moisturizer that provides hydration and protection against moisture loss, while working to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, due to the addition of Retinol.

This product is great for those with normal to oily skin. Since this product does not have SPF it makes a great addition to your nighttime skin regimen. For those that do want to use during the day, make sure to follow with an SPF of 30 or greater.

I've added this to my nighttime routine and I am enjoying it. It's not at all greasy and my skin feels hydrated even in the morning! As with all other skincare, I make sure to use on my neck and chest!

Hope you have enjoyed this brief review of a really great collection from Paula's Choice, which is available at QVC. Items can be purchased individually from Paula's Choice.

Right now Paula's Choice is offering 15% OFF Retinol formulas, so I thought it was fitting to do a quick review. *Click here for 15% OFF Retinol Formulas at Paula's Choice. Offer valid 8/3/16-8/23/16.

Have you tried these products?

What is in your skincare regimen? I'd love to know!

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Monday, June 6, 2016

Amazon Women's Makeup & Hair Care Beauty Sample Box - First Impression

Let's review this little gem...

This Beauty Box retails for $9.99. Right off the bat, the best thing about this is you get a $9.99 credit towards a purchase of qualifying products featured in the box or from these brands!

The products featured include:

L'Oreal Paris Mascara, Carbon Black (0.26 ounce); L'Oreal Paris Brow Stylist Sculptor, 360 Brunette (0.05 ounce)

These are full size products! Not sample size! Each usually retail between $5.99-$7.99. Receiving these practically pays for the box itself! And you still get the credit on top of receiving such generous sized products.

Garnier Shampoo & Conditioner (3.4 ounce); Black 15in1 Hair Treatment (1 oz)

Sample sizes, but who doesn't like trying new shampoo and conditioner? 

Fekkai Shampoo & Conditioner (0.6 ounce)

I'm indifferent to this sample because mostly because of the size. To me, this size is more of a tease and it's hard to make a determination if you like the product after only one or two uses. Right now I am excited to be able to use the credit towards the Glossing Creme, which is something I used years ago and always thought it helped tame frizz well! 

Mineral Fusion Mascara, Graphite (0.06 ounce); L'Oreal Paris Cushion Foundation, Nude Beige (0.06 ounce)
I don't wear foundation so I'm not super thrilled about the foundation sample. That being said however, since the "cushion" delivery system is trending, it'll be nice to see how that works.

One key thing to note with these boxes, unlike Ipsy where you complete a questionnaire, these are not customized to your skin color, skin type or preferences. Make sure to read the descriptions to see if the product colors will suit you. Also, these are not monthly subscriptions - in fact I am not sure what the rhyme or reason is for when they are released. If anyone knows more about that, please comment below!

Overall, I am impressed by the full size products in this box and the credit you receive to purchase qualifying products. I am already looking into how I will spend the $9.99. The credit is good until the end of the year, so that gives you plenty of time to try the products and see what you like and would want to repurchase.

If you have purchased one of these beauty boxes, please comment below and let me know your thoughts! I'd love to hear what you think!

As always, BeYOUtiful!



Sunday, May 8, 2016

Bare Minerals Invisible Light Translucent Powder Duo

Bare Minerals Translucent Powder Duo (2 x 0.31 oz for $32) combines a Matte and Glow formula. Matte absorbs oil and can be used as a setting powder, while Glow has a slight shimmer for highlighting.

For those that are not familiar with translucent setting powders, they aim to blur fine lines, reduce the look of pores and give an overall perfected finish. Basically, you won't need filters on Instagram because you'll already look like you have an even complexion and luminous skin! Translucent powders are great for absorbing oil and setting foundation or concealer. They can be reapplied during the day to touch up if you tend to get oily and because they are so sheer, they won't look noticeable or cakey.

I was very excited to see this on QVC with a dual sided brush for $36 and pre-ordered it before it's release date in April. I am disappointed to say it did not live up to my expectations.

Here's why:
- The product is described as "a creamy, cushioned formula with a luxurious feel." At first swatch, it did not feel "creamy" to me at all and it actually felt quite chalky. Although it was smooth formula, it felt very dry when I ran my finger over it. Oddly enough, it even sounded dry. How is that possible?
- When I used it on my face, I didn't find the formula to be as sheer as other translucent powders I've tried. This may be due to the fact that it seemed drier than other formulas.
- The Glow side did have a nice shimmer to it, but overall still felt dry and chalky
- Based on the QVC coverage, I expected the compact to be a little bigger

This was my first time trying a pressed setting powder, so as of now loose finishing powders are still my favorite. The two that I like best are:

Bare Minerals Mineral Veil (Original) 0.3 oz for $22
This is a loose finishing powder that has a sheer finish. I find the formula to be lightweight and sheer without having a dry feel to it. It is so finely milled that it seems to melt into the skin.
It comes in different finishes including: 
- Illuminating, which has a shimmery finish... Remember, as with any Bare Mineral product a little goes a long way, but especially with this, as it can look very sparkly
- Tinted, which has a touch of warmth (all over face color)
- Hydrating, which is better suited for those with dry skin

This is a sheer loose powder, which is also lightweight and disappears on the skin. It helps control oil and I use it to set my under eye concealer. The product description mentions "light scattering properties designed to help soften the appearance of imperfections for a skin-perfecting finish." Up close you notice the slightest amount of sparkle, which I assume is the "light scattering properties." Like Bare Minerals Mineral Veil, it also seems very finely milled, which aids in how sheer of a finish it provides.

Many of the reviews I've read about the Invisible Light Translucent Powder Duo, have been positive, so I am surprised I didn't have the same experience. Everything is subjective and sometimes despite all reviews, you just have to give a product a try for yourself.

I hope you found this review helpful! 

Have you tried Bare Minerals Invisible Light Translucent Powder Duo? If so, let me know your thoughts!

Comment below on your favorite setting powders, loose or pressed! I'd love to have a good experience with a pressed powder, because they are a little more friendly for on the go touch ups. 

BeYOUtiful ladies!!



Monday, April 18, 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Singles

Pink champagne is a lovely pink/beige color with lots of shimmer. I'll be honest... at first try I was disappointed with the application. I used a brush and the color pay off was just not there and there was a lot of fall out. I was able to pack enough on with a brush after a few tries and it looked pretty good. However, after about 6 hours, it had completely creased and looked awful! I honestly had never experienced an eyeshadow creasing before. So needless to say, I was over it.

I planned on trying it again with a primer or other technique, but since I was going to Sephora anyway I thought I'd just return it and move on. (This was so I could justify not having spent as much at the VIB sale to begin with.)

Funny thing is, the woman at Sephora said that I was the "first to return pink champagne." She suggested using a primer and applying it with my finger instead of a brush. So... being that I didn't want to be the "first to return pink champagne," I figured I'd give it another go!

AND I'M GLAD I DID!! Just look at this color!

The second attempt, I applied a primer and used my finger to pack the color on my eyelid. It lasted through a regular 8 hour work day and looked good, with no fading or creasing until after 10 pm when I took my makeup off.

The following day I tried using the eyeshadow without a primer, but still used my finger to apply the eyeshadow. The application was not the same as when using a primer. The color didn't show up as much and seemed to fade throughout the day, despite the glitter staying behind. By the end of the work day, there was significant creasing.

A few things learned from this experience...

- Try the product more than once before returning it. Most stores have great return policies that allow you to test out the product for at least a month before making a final decision on whether or not it's for you!
- Try eyeshadows with and without a primer and with a variety of brushes or application techniques (if the eyeshadow can be used wet or dry)
- Swatching an eyeshadow doesn't necessarily mean it will apply as nicely and look how it does on your hand... unless you...
- Get away from all of those brushes and just use your finger!
- I'm torn about primers... I don't understand why an eyeshadow, especially a pricey one, can't just stay in place without it. With all of that aside though, primers do help the eyeshadow and sparkles adhere to the eyelid and they prevent that awful creasing.

Look at what I'd be missing out on if I didn't just suck it up and use a primer.

Top left clockwise - Pink champagne, Chocolate, Rosette and Metal
Anastasia eye shadow singles are available in 80+ shades, in a variety of finishes.

The price is $12 for 0.059 oz single eyeshadow. If you buy 4 eyeshadows and the 4-well palette it reduces the price by $9, so the shadows come out to $10 each. Anastasia Beverly Hills' website also offers an 8-well palette for $70. Had I known before the Sephora VIB sale, I may have been tempted to go with that option.

Thanks for reading!




Sunday, January 24, 2016

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette vs. Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette

The Revealed 2 Palette features 20 matte and shimmer eyeshadow colors in a thin, cardboard design. This palette does not include a mirror. It can be purchased at Coastal Scents for $19.95 and Amazon for $15.89. I've noticed price variations for this palette on both websites.
Urban Decay's Naked 3 Palette features 12 matte and shimmer shades in a mirrored compact. It includes a double ended brush and eyeshadow primer sample. Retails for $54 and can be purchased at Sephora as well as other beauty retailers.

I've had the Revealed 2 Palette for a while now and have used it several times. For the price, I've been happy with the color selection and quality. There are one or two colors that are not very pigmented and I did not show swatches of these below. Is it the best palette I've ever used? No. Is it a good quality palette with pretty colors and good color payoff for the price? Yes.

I'll admit I was late on the Naked bandwagon, but after seeing the Naked 3 Palette I could not wait to purchase it! My husband ended up buying it for me. How sweet!! The day I got it, I swatched a few colors on my hand and was surprisingly not impressed with the color payoff, for such an expensive palette. I used it once or twice, but kept using other palettes or eyeshadows I had to add more color. The colors just didn't show up on me or blend as well as I would have liked.

I remembered the Revealed 2 Palette, being a "dupe", so I decided to do my own comparison. Here's what I came up with as my matches between the 2 palettes.

Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette
Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
Just at first glance, it's easy to match up the colors from one palette to the other, without even swatching them.

See individual side by side comparisons below.

NOT SHOWN Revealed #1 vs UD Strange (too opaque in photo)

Top Revealed #2
Bottom UD Dust

Top Revealed #3
Bottom UD Burnout

NOT SHOWN Revealed #4 vs. UD Limit (too opaque in photo)

Top Revealed #5
Bottom UD Buzz

Top Revealed #6
Bottom UD Trick

Top Revealed #7
Bottom UD Nooner

Top Revealed #8
Bottom UD Liar

Top Revealed #9
Bottom UD Factory

Top Revealed #10
Bottom UD Mugshot

Top Revealed #11
Bottom UD Darkside

Top Revealed #12
Bottom UD Blackheart

I wanted the Naked 3 Palette in my collection like a little kid wants cake, but after doing the side by side comparisons I couldn't justify keeping it. I think I had the Naked palette on a pedestal so when it didn't live up to my expectations, I was really disappointed. I had hopes that the Naked 3 colors would blend like no other eyeshadows had blended before. I wanted them to be creamy and buttery and fabulous, but they were just ok.

In the end, there just wasn't enough of a difference between the two palettes for me to spend the extra money on the Naked 3 Palette. No hard feelings Urban Decay!

Thanks for reading! 
Let me know if you own either of these palettes and what your thoughts are! I'd love to hear what you think!

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Monday, January 4, 2016

Beauty's Best 15 in 2015 - Part 4!

12. Bare Minerals All Over Face Color in "Warmth"

Bare Minerals
I've been using the Bare Minerals Warmth for a long time, before I was even into makeup, it was the only thing I used! It gives a subtle sun kissed color to the face. Apply to the highest points of your face where the sun would normally hit. Since it's a matte finish, it can be used for subtle contouring as well. Follow up with blush!

13. Sephora Collection MicroSmooth Baked Luminizer in "Lightbeam"

This has been my favorite highlighter this year. It gives a beautiful shimmer and lit from within glow to the skin! Apply just above your cheekbones after applying blush. It can also be used as a brow highlight.

14. Sephora Collection Color Lip Last in Runway PlumRevlon ColorBurst in LollipopMaybelline Color Elixir Lip Gloss in "Dashing Orchid" & Maybelline Super Stay 24 Lip Color in "On and On Orchid"

From left to right Sephora Collection Color Lip Last, Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter, Maybelline Color Elixir Lip Gloss, Maybelline Super Stay 24 Lip Color

I cannot have enough lipstick and lipgloss! I'm always excited to try a new brand or fun colors! I included 4 in this category, a lipstick, lip butter, lip gloss and long wearing lipstick.

First, my go to lipstick from Sephora in the color 26 - Runway Plum! This is a beautiful shade of plum with a little sparkle. It's very long lasting! I prefer using it with a gloss for extra sheen since it tends to be on the matte side.

Second, is the Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter. This is a very moisturizing gel like lipstick. The color variety is great across the line. I love the color Lollipop. At first I thought it might be a little too pink, but who am I kidding? Too pink? Life is short! Wear pink lipstick!! It's the color I'm wearing in my profile picture!

The next pick is a gloss - Maybelline's Color Elixir Lip Gloss. Finally a gloss without that sticky feel! Dashing Orchid is a beautiful plum shade with the tiniest bit of sparkle and just the right amount of sheen.

The last and certainly not least, is a long wearing lipstick by Maybelline! I have it in the shade "On and On Orchid" and I LOVE IT! It lasts literally ALL DAY! If you are going to a party and want to wear a lipstick that doesn't move, fade, feather or transfer, say hello to your new best friend! I NEED to try other colors from this line.

I'm not sure where I got this little gem, but it's a sample size and it's amazing. It's been one I've reached for over and over again in the later months of 2015. I really like the shape of the brush, which thickens lashes evenly without clumping! 

If I were to ever run out of mascara samples, I would definitely repurchase this!

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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Beauty's Best 15 in 2015 - Part 3

9. Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencil

If I had a ride or die eyeliner of 2015, this would be it!!! My favorite is the purple color called "Love Affair." I think I have gone through at least 3 of these since starting to use it a while back and have 2 backups just in case I were to run out! It's long wearing, smudge proof and waterproof. Most important is the formula, which is smooth and goes on easily. No tugging! The brand has a great variety of colors! 

Next up! Brows! One of the best decisions I've ever made was penciling in my eyebrows. Really... it was a life changer! I typically use medium brown, but since I colored my hair and it's leaning more auburn, I purchased the auburn and now I mix the two together. It's waterproof, long wearing and smudge proof. It's been my favorite and although I'm not sure the little pot will ever run out, I will repurchase!

11. Bare Minerals Blush in "Hint"

I feel pretty, oh so pretty! 

This is just a perfect little pink/mauve shade with just the right amount of shimmer! I would say the color payoff is buildable, since this color isn't intense to begin with. The brand has a variety of colors! 


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